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What Is A TENS Unit And What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

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A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device, also known as a tens unit is popular treatment for relieving pain. The tens unit for pain is a portable device that has electrodes, which are attached to the area of pain with sticky patches. Once the unit is turned on, there are electrical currents transmitted into the body, which stimulates nerves under the skin and deters the pain signals to the brain. As the tens unit stimulates the nerve fibers with low frequency electrical pulses, pain signals are blocked before reaching the brain, so the brain instead reacts to the sensation provided by the tens unit. In order to target the frequencies effectively, the unit is typically only used to treat pain in small areas, such as knees, lower back, shoulder or wrists. The device is also beneficial for improving blood flow to the affected area, which encourages the release of endorphins and promotes healing. The tens unit typically provides the best relief for pain that is internal and concentrated to a general area. It is common to use the device to relieve pain from stiff joints, such as from arthritis, pain from surgeries, sore muscles, such as from over-exercising and it is very effective for pregnant women to alleviate the pain of labor. Those who have arthritis often find exceptional relief when the tens machine is altered with warm compresses and over the counter medications. It is important to not use the tens machine on areas of the skin that has sunburn, bruises, cuts, a rash or skin abrasions. You should also not use the tens unit for a headache or sore throat. When the tens unit is used correctly it can greatly relieve pain and provide ease of movement. The tens device is an ideal option for those who prefer to use alternative or natural forms of treatment for pain, instead of pain medications. The device does not have any harmful side effects, it is completely safe and unlike prescription medications, is non-addictive. The device can also be worn under your clothing so you can wear it while working or exercising to help relieve pain. Although the device does not produce any harmful side effects, there is a possibility of some people experiencing a slight skin irritation that may result from the glue on the adhesive pads. This side effect is rare and if it does occur, the irritation will cease in a couple of days or you can talk with your physician about alternative adhesive pads. If you overuse the device in the same area of your body, it may cause muscles to be lightly sore, but this can be remedied by lowering the setting of the frequency level or move the electrodes to another area on the body for a couple of days. It is important to use the device according to the manufacturer's instructions as well as the area and length of time recommended by your physician. The tens unit is safe for use by almost anyone. However, pregnant women should only use the device while in labor, not during the pregnancy. The machine should not be used by young children, without consulting with your family physician. The tens machine typically does not require a prescription to purchase it, but in some cases your insurance may cover the cost of the unit if you have a prescription. If you buy a tens machine without a prescription, it is highly recommended that you speak with your family physician about how to use the machine, how often to use the machine and what part of the body will most benefit from using the machine.