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Seeing An Eye Doctor In Fayetteville North Carolina For Eye Contusions And Lacerations

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Regular eye exams are important to keep the eyes healthy and help preserve vision. Regular visits to the eye doctor in Fayetteville North Carolina is also important to catch eye diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, early and receive necessary treatment. The eye doctor is also there for patient who suffer with an injury, such as a contusion or laceration. An eye injury should be checked out by an eye doctor in Fayetteville North Carolina as soon as possible. Eye injuries include blunt injuries that cause a contusion, or black eye, and lacerations, or cuts. When the eye is injured, it often includes more than just the eyeball, it can also affect the eyelid, bones around the eye, or eye socket and muscles attached to the eyeball. The eye doctor can examine the injury to determine what type of treatment is necessary to repair damage or help the injury heal. Symptoms of an eye injury include swelling, redness, pain, tenderness, bleeding or bruising around the eye. When an injury causes these symptoms, especially if the injury affects the patient's vision, he or she should have the eye examined by an eye doctor in Fayetteville North Carolina. These symptoms generally occur due to a sharp blow or cut to the eye or the surrounding eye structure. The risk of sustaining an injury to the eye an surrounding tissues increases when people get into physical fights, people who work in carpentry or steel construction, use rotary lawn mowers, participate in sports and those who use a slingshot or shoot a BB gun. To prevent eye injuries, a person should wear protective eye coverings when exposed to any risks. People who wear prescription eyeglasses can get prescription safety glasses from an eye doctor in Fayetteville North Carolina to help protect the eyes when doings work or other activities that puts eye safety at risk. Depending on the type of injury, the eye doctor may need to take x-rays of the eye area. Suturing is often necessary for lacerations. For severe eye lacerations, an eye surgeon should repair and treat the injury. Any trauma to the eyeball is an emergency and should be seen by a specialist immediately. Eye injuries may not seem serious, but if not properly treated an injury can lead to a cataract, infection or even permanent vision loss. However, the eye injury is curable with proper treatment to prevent infection. Proper treatment includes suturing of lacerations and allowing eye injuries at least two weeks to completely heal. When an eye injury does happen, the patient can use ice packs on a lid contusion, or black eye, to reduce swelling and use a hot compress the following day. Compresses are applied to the for an hour, and then taken off for an hour before reapplied for another hour. The injured eye should be protected from sunlight or bright light by wearing dark glasses. The eye doctor may give the patient a pair of dark glasses after an exam and treatment. After an injury, the patient should sleep with the head elevated on pillows until symptoms subside. The eye doctor may prescribe medications, such as pain relievers, antibiotic eye drops or ointments, and drops to dilate the pupils. After treatment, the patient slowly resume normal activities. The patient should call a doctor if they have a cut or other eye injury to determine how to treat the injury and if they need to be seen right away. After treatment for an injury, the patient should call the doctor if they develop a fever, severe or persistent eye pain and visual changes. Go to sites to find people who offer this treatement in your area.