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Stop Computer Eye Strain With These 3 Helpful Tips

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Eye strain is the most common symptom of computer vision syndrome. Not only does it affect your health, it can also restrict your workflow. If your work area lacks sufficient lighting, the problem can lead to headaches and fatigue. Stop straining your eyes with these three helpful tips. You might see a big difference in your work performance and vision.

1.  Use an Adjustable Desk Lamp

An adjustable desk lamp is a tool you can use to stop computer eye strain. It features a movable Z-Bar or swinging arm that lets you pull the head of the lamp closer to your computer monitor. The more light you have on your computer screen, the less likely you need to strain your eyes to see it.

Additionally, you can select a lamp with multiple dimming and brightening features. The features let you control how much light shines on your screen by making it lighter or darker, depending on what you're working on.

For example, some websites are designed with very dark backgrounds, images and texts to convey their messages. It can wear out your eyes if you frequently visit these sites. You can remedy this issue if you increase the lamp's brightness to compensate.

There's another feature you can add to your adjustable lamp to prevent unnecessary eye strain. This is perhaps the most important component in your office – the LED light bulb.

2.  Choose the Right LED Light Bulb

To drastically decrease your eye strain, choose a LED light bulb for each lamp in your office. The light from a LED bulb illuminates the room with a soft, white glow that reduces pain in and around your tired eyes. It's unlike fluorescent lighting, which can be too harsh and bright on your eyes.

You can do a few things to get the most comfort from your LED light bulbs. Just follow these tips:

  • Place a bulb in your desk lamp to add more lighting to your computer screen.
  • Place lamps in the corners of the office. You want to maximize the LED bulb's light as much as possible.
  • Turn off or dim any fluorescent ceiling lights in the office. Because this light is so harsh, it can interfere with the soothing light of the LED bulbs.

There's one important thing to know about LED bulbs. They use very little energy but emit the same amount of brightness as regular light bulbs. For instance, a 19-watt LED bulb equals a 100-watt standard light bulb. So, keep this in mind when you shop for one.

3.  Add a Removable Computer Screen

A scratched computer screen can cause additional stress to your eyes. You might squint your eyes too much just to see through the damage. These movements overwork your eye muscles, which add to the strain. You can also develop pain in your eyes from the abnormal movements.

Avoid these vision issues by placing a removable computer screen over your monitor's built-in screen. It protects your screen from damage, thus eliminating any unnecessary squinting.

To help you choose the best product to use, pick one that:

  • Uses a light-controlled layer of film that doesn't interfere with your monitor's own lighting
  • Fits the entire width and length of your monitor's screen
  • Resists dust, smudges and dirt easily

When you combine this tip with the others, you may see a great reduction in your eye fatigue, headaches and eye pain. Try using all three tips at once for faster eye strain relief.

Keeping your eyes strong at work can be a challenge. But with the right lighting tips and tools, it can be done. The less strain your eyes experience, the healthier they become. If you have further questions about eye strain, ask for an eye specialist recommendation and check it out to do the best things possible for your eyes.