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2 Important Features Of Palliative Care

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After being diagnosed with cancer, your doctors will do all they can to offer treatment options to you, but you might be struggling with discomfort from the symptoms. This is where palliative care can help. Palliative care is designed to help people overcome the symptoms and discomfort from a serious disease or health condition, and here are two ways this type of care can help you enjoy the rest of the time you have on earth.

It's a Combination of Health Services

Some people confuse palliative care with hospice services. While these services have similarities, they are actually quite different. Hospice is primarily designed to bring peace to a person that is terminal, and the services are offered in the person's house, primarily by nurses.

With palliative care, there is a team of health professionals working with you to help you feel better, and the goal is to help improve the quality of your life as you struggle with a serious health problem. To accomplish this, there will be numerous types of professionals offering services to you, including:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Massage therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Chaplains
  • Psychologists

In most cases, palliative care takes place at some type of institution, and not in the home like hospice care. With the combination of services, you are more likely to find relief from your pain, and this may help you enjoy your life more.

If you are seeking palliative care at a hospital, the hospital will try to determine what types of healthcare services you need, and here are some examples:

  • If you are in pain, they will make sure you have a pain specialist available to treat your pain.
  • For people that need emotional help, therapists and psychologists will be available.
  • When a person needs spiritual guidance during this time, chaplains or ministers will join the team to offer services.

It Offers Emotional Support

Once a person is diagnosed with cancer, the road to recovery becomes a long, hard path to follow. Some people will be able to overcome and win against the cancer, while others won't. One of the hardest parts of dealing with a major disease is learning to accept it. It's very common for a person to deny it or become angry because of this.

The truth is that there is nothing you can do to take the diagnosis away. If you have cancer, it is something you will have to fight, and fighting it is easier if you have a good support system around you. Not only will the team of professionals offer services to treat your symptoms, but they will also be there to give you the emotional support you need.

The type of support you receive will depend on your needs, but it may include having people:

  • Around you just to talk to
  • To cry with and share your feelings with
  • That can explain your disease and treatment options
  • That are fighting alongside you
  • To answer your questions

Palliative care can last for months or even years, but you will develop close relationships with the service providers that are part of your team. This team will also become close to your family because they will spend a lot of time with you and your family members.

Having your family and this team around you will help you feel like you are not alone as you battle this horrible disease, and this is something that could really make a difference in your life.

If you recently received a diagnosis of cancer or any other type of serious health problem, you may want to find out if palliative care services are available in your area. These services could help you enjoy life, find relief from pain, and learn to accept the situation.