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Six Weight Loss Claims That Should Make You Think Twice

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Losing weight is a common desire among many Americans, but some are desperate to reach for anything that offers hope to them. Unfortunately, many questionable products and services have appeared in response to this demand, and Americans have thrown away millions of dollars on these useless weight loss "solutions." Worse, many others have suffered harm from using dangerous products that failed to live up to their claims. If you are looking to lose weight, it's important that you know how to recognize false and highly exaggerated claims. Here are some statements that should make you think twice:

"No exercise or changes in diet needed"

The formula for successful, healthy weight loss is a reduction in calorie intake plus exercise. Weight loss products that claim you can eat whatever you like and that you never need to exercise are denying hard evidence about what it takes to remove pounds. In addition, any product that makes such a claim is only providing you with half the story; they never tell you about the negative health consequences of unrestrained eating along with living a sedentary lifestyle. Even with products that can legitimately assist you in losing weight, you should question anyone who claims that their product is the only thing necessary for weight loss.

"Doctor approved"

This claim can be particularly deceiving due to the American public's high regard for medical practitioners. However, the word "doctor" can refer to just about anyone who claims the title. It is not a degree limited to medical doctors, but instead can refer to individuals who have earned degrees in fields of study with dubious or completely unrelated reservoirs of knowledge. Whenever you investigate a product that claims to be "doctor approved", find out the professional credentials of the "doctor"; a reputable company will gladly share that information.

"Miracle product"

Another claim that should raise warning flags is that a product is a "breakthrough" or "miracle". While scientific breakthroughs do happen on rare occasions, the number of truly successful medical weight loss products approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is quite low. In fact, to the contrary, there are numerous products listed that are considered to be outright frauds by the FDA, and many of these have been banned due to claims of a "miraculous" nature. Not only that, these "miracle" products can actually harm you by including toxic quantities of untested or unapproved ingredients.

"Keeps the weight off"

A problematic claim that is often seen in sensationalized advertising is that a particular product will "keep the weight off." Weight loss is never permanent without continual intervention such as exercise or diet. Even in cases where individuals have been treated with weight loss, or bariatric, surgery, such as gastric bypass, banding or sleeving, weight loss cannot be sustained without following sensible eating patterns. 

"Lose weight fast"

Products that make claims about fast weight loss should also be viewed with skepticism. In fact, there is no evidence that any product other than some types of bariatric surgery and supervised low calorie diets are able to cause safe, rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss diets, apart from the aforementioned low calorie diet, are often built around the intake of laxatives and diuretics, both of which are capable of causing harm to your body if misused.

"Blocks fat absorption"

Another common claim that is deceptive is regarding the effects a product will have on your body's absorption of fats or other nutrients. While the FDA has approved one class of medications that has been shown to reduce fat absorption, medical practitioners emphasize that individuals will not achieve the desired result of losing weight without dietary controls and exercise. No other known product can achieve this effect or has a safe inhibitory effect on the absorption of nutrients.

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