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4 Important Health Matters Forgotten During Cancer Treatment

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When you are being treated for cancer, it can be easy for that to become the focus of your life. Your schedule, your thoughts and your feelings may all begin to revolve around what is happening in your treatment and how the cancer is reacting. However, there are 4 other areas of your health that need your attention while you are battling a serious disease, and these are often forgotten. Here are 4 subjects to stay on top of as you are fighting cancer. 

Mental Health

Going through something like treatment for cancer can take a huge toll on your mental health. You can find yourself faced with problems like depression and anxiety that may only get worse if they go untreated. As you struggle with your cancer diagnosis, it is important that you seek counseling as an avenue of talking about your feelings and gaining control over your thoughts. 

Counseling will help you learn stress control techniques, relaxation skills and ways of speaking to yourself in a way that can raise your spirits and possibly be beneficial to your treatment. 

Spiritual Health

If you've had a strong spiritual life in the past, don't make the mistake of neglecting that after you've been told you have cancer. While it is natural for your faith to waiver during that time, a spiritual connection as well as involvement in a religious community can be a huge area of support throughout your treatment. Difficult times like this are when you need the strength your faith has given you in the past. 

If you have not had a strong spiritual component to your life in the past, this may be a time to consider one. Faith can be very helpful in battling health challenges and facing the subject of sickness and mortality. Talking about religious issues with religious leaders or those who share your faith can be useful as well. 

The Natural Cancer Institute reports that a cancer diagnosis can harm your spiritual life and that your religious beliefs can help you cope. 


Being treated for a serious illness brings on all kinds of different emotions. You may be feeling extreme anger that something like this happened to you, or you may be terrified of what will happen next. You may feel overwhelming love and concern for your family members, or you may find yourself sinking into suffocating sadness. 

While counseling is important to your mental health, it is also important to be in touch with your emotions and find ways of expressing them. Taking up a hobby like painting or sculpture can be a good way to bring out what you are feeling inside. You can also try writing poetry or dancing or any activity that allows you to share your internal struggles. You may find that classes in these areas are offered specifically for people being treated for cancer or other illnesses. 


As a cancer patient, you sometimes forget that the disease is only part of your health. Don't neglect your physical health as you go through your treatments for cancer. It is important to keep your body as strong as possible so you can effectively fight. 

Be sure to eat properly, concentrating on getting enough nutrients and calories to keep you going. Also participate in exercise as much as you can. If possible, continue any physical activity you did before your diagnosis. If you are not strong enough for that, try something more gentle like yoga or simply take walks as far as you can manage. There are fitness classes and styles that can be done from a wheelchair or even in bed, so you will be able to find some kind of movement that you can do. 

Treatment for cancer can completely overtake your life, but don't forget about the other very important areas that can bring you strength and satisfaction with your life. Learn more by talking to your cancer treatment provider.