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Tension Can Cause Gas (And Severe Problems) During Ultrasound Readings

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Ultrasound machines are a powerful way to get a look inside of a person's body. However, excessive gas during the scan can ruin the reading and make it nearly impossible to use properly. As a result, it is important to manage this gas before the appointment begins.

Tension Before The Ultrasound May Cause Gas

Though not eating for several hours before an ultrasound can help decrease the risk of developing bowel gas during the treatment, stress and anxiety about the treatment can cause an excess of it. Why? Stress and anxiety often lead to inflammation and irritation in the intestines that lead to an increase in bowel gas.

This is particularly true of those who may suffer from some form of claustrophobia regarding ultrasound machines. Tension and anxiety of this type can make it nearly impossible to get a good reading without developing a bad case of intestinal gas.

Bowel Gas Can Complicate An Ultrasound

So just how does bowel gas complicate an ultrasound reading? There are a few different problematic substances in the human body when it comes to an ultrasound. For example, heavy people often get very poor readings because their excessive skin and fat makes it harder for the ultrasound waves to pass through the body. However, bone and gas literally block ultrasound waves and make it impossible to get a reading.

As a result, getting an ultrasound reading of a pregnant woman or anyone else who needs a look into the body could be complicated. There's a chance that dangerous items (including certain types of cancer) could even be missed by this bowel gas obstruction. As a result, it is important to manage this tension-caused bowel gas before attending an ultrasound appointment.

Managing This Gas Before An Ultrasound

There are several different ways to manage this tension before an ultrasound. Relaxation techniques, like yoga, can do a lot to restore a calm and patient state of mind. Hypnosis can even be utilized by an expert to relax the mind and make it easier to accept an ultrasound treatment. However, what happens when gas starts to grow anyway?

There are a few different ways to treat this problem. Substances such as alpha-D-galactosidase (used in a variety of anti-gas medicines) can decrease bowel gas and increase ultrasound effectiveness. This should be taken before a scan if gas is getting too uncomfortable and the patient fears a poor ultrasound report.

Following these simple tips will help make it easier to get an effective ultrasound. This can often mean the difference between developing a serious problem or treating it in an effective and efficient manner. To learn more about preparing for an ultrasound, contact a company like EVDI Medical Imaging.