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Watch How You Treat Your Feet

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Your feet are extremely important to your well-being and mobility. If you hurt your arm, then it can be a huge inconvenience, but it won't be quite as debilitating as if you hurt your foot. The reason for this is when you can't stand on your foot, you are stuck sitting or using crutches that also require the use of both of your arms and hands. The information here will help you to have a good understanding of many different ways you can go about completely avoiding foot and even ankle injuries so you don't find yourself dealing with them.

Always wear shoes when you are outside

Anytime you are outside barefoot there is the chance of injuring your foot. You can step on a sticker, a tack, or a nail. You can trip over a lifted piece of concrete or you can get a splinter in the bottom of your foot. The best way to avoid many foot injuries is to always put on shoes before stepping outdoors.

Keep your toenails trimmed

If you allow your toe nails to get too long, then there is the chance that they will get snagged on something as simple as your bedding, and this can lift the nail, causing you pain, bleeding, and the chance of you developing an infection. Long toenails can also cause pressure to be put on your toes when you are wearing you shoes, which can give you pain.

Know your limits

If you aren't used to doing a lot of walking, then you may not want to attempt a three mile walk on the spur of the moment. This can leave you with very sore and even blistered feet at the end of the day. It can also lead to the development of painful conditions like plantar fasciitis or even shin splints.

Have help when moving heavy or awkward objects

If you have to move something that is heavy or bulky, then you want to get help for many reasons. You don't want to injure your back, you don't want to pull any muscles in your body, and you don't want to increase your chances of injuring your ankle or foot. You can trip and cause real damage to your ankle if you are struggling with heavy things by yourself. Or, you can end up dropping the item on your foot and even breaking it. You may also end up stubbing your toe and breaking it.

Get medical attention when you need it

If you are ever concerned about the health of your feet, then you want to see a doctor or a podiatrist. If you currently don't have insurance, then you want to do your best to get coverage as soon as possible. This way, you can go to the doctor any time you have a medical problem, and you can also go to the doctor for routine visits so you can avoid future problems.

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