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Reasons That You Might Visit A Podiatrist For A Cortisone Injection

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When it comes to the care and overall health of your feet and ankles, there's no better ally than your local podiatrist. While you might occasionally consult your family doctor for foot and ankle issues, you're always better off visiting a podiatry clinic for specialized care. The types of care that your podiatrist can provide are extensive and can vary from trimming your toenails to avoid ingrown toenails to giving you advice on how to care for your feet if you run marathons. Another service that many podiatry clinics provide is cortisone injections, which may be necessary to reduce inflammation and pain for a variety of issues. Here are some reasons to see your podiatrist for this type of injection:

Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Pain from plantar fasciitis can be downright debilitating, giving you sharp and stabbing sensations with every step that you take. Although your podiatrist will usually recommend custom orthotics as an initial step to deal with this type of discomfort, severe cases of plantar fasciitis can often require more drastic measures. A cortisone injection in the affected area can be valuable for cutting down on the inflammation that surrounds the tissue that connects to your heel and can help you to walk with less pain.

Arthritis Pain

One of the challenges of living with arthritis is that when you have it in one area, you often have it in other areas, too. This can leave you nursing sore joints throughout your body, which can be painful and frustrating. Arthritis in your feet is particularly egregious, as standing and walking can be difficult, and you might even feel discomfort when you're sitting or lying down. Cortisone injections around your toe and ankle joints, administered by your podiatrist, may help to alleviate your discomfort.

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can come on for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you're an athlete who enjoys soccer or basketball and have sustained an acute ankle injury. Or, you're someone whose career involves repeated hours of standing, you might slowly develop ankle pain even without having specifically suffered an injury. Sometimes, you might have just tripped or stepped awkwardly and ended up with pain that won't go away. While your podiatrist can offer a variety of options for dealing with this discomfort, cortisone injections are one type of care that can help to control the inflammation and cut down on the pain around your ankle.

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