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The Different Ways To Test For Alcohol Consumption

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There are a few different ways to check someone for alcohol consumption. Some require samples to be analyzed by a lab, such as blood and urine tests. Others, like the breath and saliva test, can provide instant results on the spot using the correct equipment. Testing can reveal recent alcohol consumption as well as chronic use. Here's a closer look at the different types of alcohol testing.

Blood Alcohol Tests For Accuracy

A blood alcohol test is one of the most accurate ways to measure the amount of alcohol in someone's system. It is often used as an alternative to a breath test for more accurate measurements. However, it is time-consuming since the blood must be drawn by a medical professional and tested in the lab. While useful, it doesn't give immediate results.

Breath Tests For Immediate Results

Breath tests are ideal for police enforcement since the test can be done anywhere and the results are immediate. You can even buy personal breathalyzers to monitor your own consumption of alcohol or to monitor a loved one. Personal breathalyzers are much more affordable than the expensive meters used by police. Their results are not as precise as blood measurement of alcohol, and factors can interfere with taking a proper reading, but they are reliable enough to use in court. A similar test is the alcohol saliva test. It is less expensive than testing the breath and it is easy enough to be performed anywhere by anyone. All that's needed is to swab the mouth for saliva and apply it to a test strip. The test strip then reveals the presence of alcohol. Since the test is from a bodily substance the strips give reliable results.

Urine Tests For Multiple Substances

Urine tests for alcohol must be analyzed by a lab and are often done along with testing for the presence of drugs in the urine. These tests might be done as part of random drug testing by an employer or as a condition of probation. They aren't suitable for situations where you need immediate results or where it isn't feasible to have someone provide a urine sample, such as at a traffic stop.

Hair Testing For Chronic Alcohol Use

Hair testing is also done in a lab and it can reveal chronic alcohol abuse. If you suspect someone is an alcoholic, one way to verify it is to have the hair tested. If the person drinks alcohol heavily, it will show up in the hair even if it wasn't consumed recently before testing. This can be a good way to test and monitor someone going through a rehab program to see if they are staying sober long-term.

Some testing is available only to professionals and others can be done by buying equipment such as test strips and a personal breathalyzer so you can do tests on yourself or family members. Alcohol testing can be helpful in catching drinking problems in your loved ones, and it can help keep impaired drivers off the road when a breathalyzer is connected to a car ignition. Contact a service, like Physical Exams Inc, for
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