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Confirm That You Understand These Food-Related Requirements Before An Ultrasound

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When your family doctor sends you for an ultrasound appointment to help diagnose an abdominal issue that you've been dealing with, your next order of business is to contact an ultrasound clinic and confirm your appointment date and time. You'll also want to ask about any special requirements to which you must adhere in advance of the appointment—and don't be afraid to ask for a moment so that you can write these things down. Food-wise, there are generally some strict requirements to which you must adhere before an abdominal ultrasound. Here are some things that you should confirm. 

Intake Of Fluids

The ultrasound technician will give you specific instructions regarding your intake of fluids in the hours leading up to your appointment. It's imperative that you follow these directives, as failing to do so may prevent the ultrasound from clearly seeing what is going on inside your body. For example, you may need to completely abstain from consuming any fluids, even water, for a set number of hours prior to the appointment. In some cases, you'll need to drink a specific volume of water at a specific time before the ultrasound begins so that your bladder is close to its maximum capacity. 

Consumption Of Food

Generally, the instructions regarding the intake of food before an ultrasound are pretty clear—you shouldn't have any. Make sure that you're clear about how to proceed in this manner and, in particular, how long you must go without eating before the appointment. You'll likely be asked to skip food for several hours in advance of the ultrasound, so you'll want to plan around this process accordingly by having some hearty meals and snacks leading up to the time cutoff. 

Going To The Bathroom

Although going to the bathroom doesn't technically relate to your food intake, it's still tied in. It's common for the ultrasound technician to ask you to abstain from using the bathroom. However, depending on what he or she is looking for, a full bladder may be necessary. Generally, you'll get a time-related guideline for holding your bladder. For example, you might be able to go to the bathroom right up to a certain number of hours before the appointment, but will be asked to hold any urges thereafter. If you're unclear about any of these details, don't hesitate to call the ultrasound clinic a day or two before your scheduled appointment to go over your requirements.

For more information, go to websites related to your doctor and ultrasound clinic.