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Can Alcohol Rehab Help College Students?

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American college students often have the expectation that drinking alcohol will accompany college. Addictive behavior may begin to feel like the norm for students who grew up watching television and movies depicting college life. Unfortunately, this may condition many young adults to believe that binge drinking is completely normal.

The rampant abuse of drugs and alcohol on college campuses sends mixed messages to students. For many parents, the only choice may feel to consider rehabilitation for alcohol use. For many young adults with addiction, this is the best option.

Why Do College Students Need Rehab?

In many cases, alcohol addiction leads to inability to work or attend classes. In many cases, alcohol addiction leads to difficulty maintaining relationships. For individuals with addiction, using the substance becomes the top priority in life. Nothing else seems as important. For a college student, this can lead to bad grades and even expulsion.

Can Rehab Help College Students?

Counseling is a great tool for students living with addiction to alcohol. Counseling can provide students with coping mechanisms for many struggles in life. This will allow the student not to use in the future when things get touch. These social and psychological skills will come in handy in the future too.

In addition to counseling, rehab offers treatment for the physical aspects of addiction. Quitting alcohol "cold turkey" can be dangerous for individuals with addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can be serious, so rehab gives college students the opportunity to take time away from school to fully recover. Medical supervision makes detox safe.

In addition to therapy and detox, college students may also attend 12-step programs in rehab. These programs provide students with a social network they can rely on. Peer support is crucial to recovery, especially when the struggles of life begin to add up.

Sometimes rehab also includes a dual diagnosis of a condition like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. Treating these other disorders could make it easier for the student to life a sober life after rehab.

Why Do College Students Drink Alcohol?

Apart from feeling conditioned to drink, college students are often trying to fit in with their new peers. For many, drinking alcohol is a way to relieve social anxiety. Alcohol allows students to lower their inhibitions or to escape the heavy workload associated with studying.

Overall, the normalization of alcohol and drug abuse contributes to the problem, and it puts students at risk for addiction. Alcohol rehab is a great way to help your child as they move forward in college and in life.