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Five Surfing Accessories You Need

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Surfing only takes your body and a board, or so you think. However, there are plenty of surfing accessories that will increase your satisfaction, safety, and enjoyment. Which accessories are best?

1. Surfer Ear Plugs

A serious condition unique to surfers is "surfers' ear," or extosis, the medical term. If you surf often, continued contact with wind and water might affect the bones surrounding an already-narrow ear canal. The canal could narrow even more, causing hearing issues. In addition, any water getting into the ear may be trapped, and an infection or other trouble can happen.

To prevent ear problems, ear plugs are essential. What plug features are important? The material is important since they must fit comfortably. Plastic may be preferable, but silicone can at times be moldable for your particular ears. You'll also want to seek models that permit sounds to reach you while blocking water completely; when you're surfing the ability to hear other surfers and any activity around you is important. Some ear plugs are constructed to allow penetration by soundwaves but not water or cold winds.

2. Surfboard Handle

Carrying your longboard to and from the car or water's edge isn't easy all the time, especially if you're not a tall or muscle-bound person. You may prop the board on one hip or put it above your head. This can expend more energy than you'd like, so seeking out a handle will help. Most handles can simply be clamped onto one side of the board so you can carry it beneath your arm, with the handle at the bottom.

3. Surfboard Sleeve

Another option is a sleeve that you can wrap around the board. Carried with a shoulder strap, this allows a hands-free way to walk with your board and hold other things as well.

4. Changing Towel

When you leave the water, you may not be eager to sit in a wet, cold wetsuit all the way home. However, if there aren't changing stations or other accommodations, you may feel no other alternative exists. Changing towels can give you the privacy to get out of the suit and a chance to slip on something warm. These towels are often large and resemble hooded ponchos.

5. Wind Meter

Instead of making incorrect estimations, it's better to start using a wind meter. These meters can sync with your mobile phone and display wind speed or direction. The information will help you improve your technique and make better decisions about which waves to ride.

With these surfing accessories, you'll be happier with your surfing outings. Discussing surf gear with fellow surfers and retail pros will ensure every water day is enjoyable. For more information on buying surfer ear plugs, contact your local surf shops.