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The Domino Effect? 3 Additional Problems Caused By Chronic Back Pain

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Back pain has become something of a common denominator for Americans of all ages, sexes, and backgrounds. According to statistics published by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), 8 out of every 10 Americans can be expected to suffer at least some form of back pain during their lifetime. For some, back pain is due to a specific condition or injury and can be alleviated by treatment. For others, the pain does not seem to respond to initial treatment and a chronic condition develops that often has a detrimental domino effect on other areas of their lives. 

Chronic back pain leads to declining physical fitness

When even slight movements result in pain, it is normal to refrain from activities that help to keep musculature strong and cable of supporting the spine. This decline in physical condition can include both weight gain and a loss of muscle tone, both of which can exacerbate spinal conditions and make the pain even more pronounced. 

Chronic back pain can lead to depression

The presence of constant pain is known to cause or worsen feelings of depression and hopelessness. People who believe they will be forced to live in pain for the rest of their lives often attempt to self-medicate with alcohol or street drugs, as a way to find release. In some cases, chronic pain sufferers may even go so far as to attempt suicide to escape it. 

Chronic back pain can lead to relationship issues

Relationships can also be affected when chronic pain issues prevent participation in social and leisure activities and often even limit the ability to engage in satisfying sex. Chronic back pain sufferers often find themselves pulling back from their relationships with loved ones and friends, which only deepens their feeling of hopelessness and despair. 

When back pain is your constant companion, all areas of your life are likely to be affected. Those who identify with one or all of the scenarios listed above should know that new spinal surgical options are available that can help to relieve chronic pain and help you regain a more normal life. 

If you are guilty of putting off treatment for a painful spinal issue because you felt there was no hope, now is the perfect time to see if spine surgery is a good solution for your particular condition. Ask your medical care provider to refer you to a surgical center that specializes in using spinal surgery to help their patients live a more pain-free life. Contact a clinic, like Neurosurgical Associates of San Antonio, for more help.