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3 Stretches & Exercises to Do Before Running or Playing Sports

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Stretching your muscles and ligaments in the body can help prevent injuries, as you are limbering your body to be able to withstand the extra pressure and straining caused by the sport or activity you are doing. An ankle or foot injury, for instance, could put you out for a while, leaving you in a cast, a brace, or with surgery on the horizon. Read on for a few stretches you should be dong to keep your feet and ankles stretched out and limber to prevent injuries.

1. Ankle Rolls

A rolled ankle can be painful, but stretching them by rolling them in circles can help prevent this from occurring. Sit with your feet out in front of you. Elevate your leg slightly so your foot is off of the floor, then make a circle with your foot using your ankle. Make five circles to the left, then repeat making a circle going towards the right. Repeat on the other foot. This can help keep your ankle limber and prevent tight joints or muscles in the ankle.

2. Calf Stretches

Stand arm's length from a wall. Place one foot against the wall with the toe of the foot. Lean into the wall keeping your other foot behind you to stretch the one that is on the wall. This helps stretch your calf, as well as the arch of your foot and can also stretch your ankle as well. Repeat on the other foot. Hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds. 

3. Ball Roll

Use a tennis ball, a rolled towel or a bottle of water and roll it with your foot along the arch of your foot. Roll it for at least 30 seconds and repeat it on the other foot. This can help stretch your arch and the tendon inside your foot to prevent injuries to your tendon such as a pulled Achilles or to prevent plantar fasciitis. To further this stretch, use your toes to pick up the towel to stretch and strengthen your toes, tendon, and muscles in the feet as well.

These are just a few stretches and exercises that can help prevent injuries to your feet or ankle while playing sports, running or just doing daily activities. Keep your feet and ankles strong by performing these and other stretches. Visit websites like and talk to a podiatrist about other things you can do to help prevent injury. If you do end up with a foot or ankle injury, seek help from a podiatric sports medicine clinic for treatment.