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Recommendations To Find The Right Senior Care Facility

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Aging parents or other loved ones is a difficult part of life, but it is a responsibility that needs dealing with properly to help them during their later years. The selection for a quality senior care facility can make it easier to handle the process. Here are some tips to help you find the right senior care facility for your family member.

Visit the Location

One of the best ways to help you choose the right senior care facility is to take a tour of the facility before you make a final decision. This gives you the opportunity to check out everything for yourself and meet the staff. The environment should leave you with a comfortable feeling and not be depressing or dirty. There should never be an unpleasant odor inside a senior care facility, as this indicates a problem in the type of care and service or the housekeeping skills of the staff on site. 

Look around at the senior care facility to see if there are residents socializing or taking part in activities outside of their rooms. If your visit is around a mealtime, can you smell the meal the chef is preparing? Also, check out the view from a window to see if there is any visually interesting view outside and if it provides natural sunlight into the room. Or are all the rooms northern-facing with a gloomy interior and dark furnishings?

Evaluate Amenities

The types of services available with a senior care facility are another important detail to consider when you are looking for a facility. Consider what type of care your loved one is going to need and if it is going to include skilled nursing. Some elderly individuals need assistance with everyday activities, such as showering, dressing, and taking medications, but others may only need basic help with grocery shopping, driving to appointments, and socialization with others in the facility.

Your loved one is at risk of feeling isolated in a care facility if they are not provided activities that they can participate in. Look for a facility that provides a good variety of activities, such as bingo, painting, game night, or a book club, where they can participate and make friends in the facility.

The meals within the care facility should have a specific quality and variety for your loved one. Some facilities provide gourmet meals for their residents, but overall you should expect to have specific dietary restrictions monitored so your loved one receives the right foods and portion sizes for their health.