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Key Reasons To Hire A Domestic Violence Expert Witness For Your Case

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As the victim of domestic violence, you may want to take your case to court and hold your abuser fully accountable for what they did to you. However, you also want the court to appreciate what you went through and what trauma you endured as a result of the attack.

You may want to rely on more than just your testimonial in court to convince the judge or jury to side in your favor. You may benefit from using the services of a professional domestic violence expert witness to testify on your behalf in court.

Objective Explanation

When you have a domestic violence expert witness to testify for your case, you may be able to explain to the judge and jury in an objective way what happened to you. The court might view your testimony as too biased. The judge and jury might believe your fear and heightened emotions have colored your viewpoint on what happened and caused you to embellish the facts of the case.

However, a domestic violence expert witness can back up your testimony and provide an objective view of what took place during your attack. They can describe the emotions involved in such a case and explain how much terror and fear you felt, and they can be critical in convincing the judge or jury to find in your favor.

Expert Predictions

Further, the domestic violence expert witness can also provide a fair prediction of what might happen in the future if the attacker is not punished accordingly. The judge or jury might be tempted to let the attacker off with little to no punishment. They may believe they deserve a second chance based on this person's prior record or family history.

However, the domestic violence expert witness can reiterate that this attacker stands a greater chance of reoffending in the future. They may claim more victims if the court does not implement some sort of punishment like court-mandated therapy, probation, or community service. In some cases, the expert witness may even recommend jail time based on how many times the offender has attacked people in the past.

A domestic violence expert witness can provide critical benefits to your case. He or she can provide objective testimony to back up your own account of what happened. They can also offer a professional prediction of what might happen if the court fails to punish the offender for this attack.