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4 Times To Call Your Child's Pediatrician For Help

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It's important for your child to have regular visits to their pediatrician so they can have vaccinations on schedule and so their development can be monitored. The doctor can spot problems with physical and mental development that you might overlook. Plus, they can pick up on signs of medical conditions so your child can start treatments if needed.

Your child will also need visits to their doctor for a variety of childhood illnesses. Here are some times you may need to take your child to see a pediatrician for an evaluation and treatment.

1. When You Suspect Dehydration

It's common for kids to get sick when they're little, especially if they're around other kids in a daycare or school where germs spread easily. Most of the time, you can manage mild illnesses at home. However, you may need to call your pediatrician in certain cases.

For instance, if your child has diarrhea or is vomiting frequently, they could become dehydrated. Signs of dehydration include not wetting their diaper as often or not having many tears when they cry.

2. When You're Worried About A Fever

It can be concerning when your child has a fever, especially if the fever is higher than you normally see in yourself as an adult. If your child has a high fever or if their fever lasts a few days, call your child's doctor. They may want to see your child in the office to determine what's wrong.

If your child has other symptoms too, such as a cough or earache, the fever could be a sign of an infection that needs treatment, so let your child's pediatrician know.

3. If Your Child Has Trouble Breathing

If you hear your child wheezing or notice them struggling to breathe, call your child's pediatrician for advice. After you describe your child's symptoms, the doctor may advise you to take your child to the emergency room or to come to the office right away. Wheezing and shortness of breath could indicate allergies, asthma, or a respiratory infection.

4. When Your Child Is Lethargic

If your child seems lethargic or if they are poorly responsive, call your child's doctor right away. Several things might cause this, and some can be serious. You may even need to call an ambulance if your child is not responding. The problem might be from medication your child got into, a head injury after a fall, or a medical condition.

The opposite condition of being hyperactive or crying constantly is also a cause for concern, and you'll want to let the doctor know in case your child is in pain.

For more information, contact a pediatrician near you.