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What To Know About Colon Cancer Treatment

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A colon cancer diagnosis can be unsettling, but there are treatments that can help if you are dealing with this type of cancer. Colon cancer starts in the large intestine and can impact people of any age. However, most colon cancer cases are in older adults. The colon cancer treatment that works best for your needs depends on the extent of your cancer, its location, your age, and your overall health. Here are three things you should know about getting treatment for colon cancer.  

The Stage Of Your Cancer Matters

The first thing to know about colon cancer care is that what works best for your needs will depend on the stage of your cancer. If your cancer is caught early, surgery is often the recommended treatment. However, later stages of colon cancer may require a combination of surgery and other treatments, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Your team of doctors will determine what options are available for your treatment and help you make the needed decisions. Targeted therapies and immunotherapy may also be recommended for some cases.

How Long Can Treatment Take

Another thing to keep in mind is how long it will take to treat your colon cancer. Your treatment timeline will depend on the stage of your cancer, the treatments used, and how well you respond to treatment. There are five stages of colon cancer, and stage 0 takes between one and three months to treat. The treatment timeline for stage 1 usually ranges from one to six months. More advanced cancer takes longer to treat. Colon cancer treatment for stage 2 takes three to nine months, while stage 3 colon cancer treatment usually takes six months to one year. The most advanced stage of color cancer, stage 4, can take six months to more than one year to treat.

How Much It Costs

The cost of colon cancer treatment varies depending on whether you have health insurance coverage, the treatments used, and the extent of your cancer. The more advanced your colon cancer is, the more treatments are likely to be needed, and the higher your bill will be. On average, colon cancer treatment costs $40,000 to $80,000. Your out-of-pocket costs for colon cancer care will depend on the details of your health insurance policy.

There are a few things to know about treating colon cancer. First, the recommended treatments will vary depending on how advanced your cancer is and depending on other factors. Second, your treatment can take anywhere from a few months to more than one year. Finally, the cost of treatment varies depending on your health insurance coverage and the extent of your colon cancer. 

Contact a local health clinic to learn more about colon cancer treatment.